Isabella Jarrett. 

Equity Member

Scotland Councilor Equity 2012 - Present

Degree: BA Acting and Performance

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland


2021 Framed In Time, Film, Keyno Eyes, Camila Arriaga

2020 How They Roll, Film, National Theatre Of Scotland, Morag McKinnon

2019 On The Radical Road , Ensemble, Theatre Objecktiv, Raymond Raskowski Ross


2018 On The Radical Road, Ensemble, Theatre Objecktiv, Raymond Raskowski Ross


2018 Arandora Star, Donata, Theatre Objecktiv, Donald Smith


2017 The Radical Road, Ensemble, Theatre objektiv Raymond Raskowski Ross


2016   The Crucible,  Anne Putnum, Royal Lyceum Theatre Company, John Dove

2015   John Gabriel Barclay,  Gertrude,  A Play , A Pie and A Pint, John Carnegie  

2014   Mr Bolfry,  Mrs Macrimmon,  Pitlochry Festival Theatre,  Patrick Sandford

2014   Passing Places,  Alex's Mum, Lollipop, Pump, Lady Walker,  Pitlochry Festival,  Richard Baron

2014   The Admirable Chrichton,  Madame Jean,  Pitlochry Festival Theatre,  Richard Baron


2014   Whisky Kisses,  Ensemble,  Pitlochry Festival Theatre,  John Durnin


2013   Lockerbie Lost,  Jan,  Elements World Theatre,  Corinne Harris


2010   Sub Rosa,  Mrs Thorn,  Fire Exit,  David Leddy


2009   After Mary Rose,  Mrs Moreland,  Magnetic North, Nicholas Bone


2009   Desk Job,  John,  Seige Perilous,  Andy Corelli


2009   The Man Who Had All The Luck,  Aunt Belle,  The Royal Lyceum Theatre Company,   John Dove


2008   Barry,  James Barry,  Rowan Tree Theatre Company,   John Carnegie


2007   Fergus Lamont,  Betty T Sheilds,  Communicado,  Gerry Mulgrew


2006   Faust  Part 1&2,  Ensemble,  Royal Lyceum Theatre Company,  Mark Thompson


2005/2006   Hermiston,  Kirstie Elliot,  Rowan Tree Theatre Company,  John Carnegie


2006   Les Liaisons Dangereuses,  Madame de Volanges, Royal Lyceum Theatre Company,  John Dove


2005   Macbeth,  Lady MacDuff,  Theatre Babel (International Tour),  Graham Maclaren


2005   Pauvres Creatures,  Bella Baxter,  Issue De Secours (France),  Yannick  Bequelin


2004   Death Of A Salesman,  The Woman,  Royal Lyceum Theatre Company,  John Dove


2004   Macbeth,  Lady MacDuff,  Theatre Babel, Graham Mclaren


2003   Julius Caesar,  Calphurnia,  Royal Lyceum Theatre Company,  Mark Thomson


2003   Pauvres Creatures, CIE Issue de Secours,  Yannick Bequelin


2002   Masterclass, Maria Callas,  The Byre Theatre Company,  Ken Alexander


1999   Sabina,  Tereza,  The Byre Theatre Company,  Ken Alexander


1998   The Jungle Book,  Bagheera,  Dundee Repertory Theatre Company,  Anna Newell


1996   The Silver Darlings,  Catrin,  Wild Cat Theatre Company,  John Bett


1995   Merlin, Morgana-Le-Fey,  Dundee Repertory Theatre Company,  David McVicar


1994  Shirley Valentine,  Shirley,  The Brunton Theatre Company,  Robin Peoples


1990   Hecuba,  Hecuba, Winged Horse Theatre Company,  John Carnegie


1986   Robert Burns,  Highland Mary,  Scottish Theatre Company,  David Hayman


2010 - present
2010 - present

2013   Sleeping Beauty,  Fairy Nightshade,  The Brunton Theatre Company,  Tim Licata

2012   Puss In Boots,  Wysteria,  The Brunton Theatre Company,  Tim Licata


2011   Aladdin,  The Empress,  The Brunton Theatre Company,  Liam Rudden


2010   Mother Goose,  Fairy Glee,  The Brunton Theatre Company,  Liam Rudden


2009   Sinbad And The little Mermaid,  Crabsclaw,  The Brunton Theatre Company, Liam Rudden


1997   Cinderella,  Dandini,  The Kings Theatre Edinburgh,  David Kelsey


2013   As He Lay Falling,  Sadie,  Solus Productions,  Ian Waugh   


2012   Xanadu,  Ursula,  Tempest Productions,  Dominic Reynolds

2009   Triage,  Ellie Green 

2008   Hazel,  Mrs Collins,  Twiga Films, Felix Gilfedder

2003   God's New Frock,  Mr's Clifford, Gateway Films, Ali De Souza


2012   Pramface,  Olivia,  BBC 3,  Misha Manson Smith


2011   Crimewatch,  Betty,  BBC


2001   Taggart,  Angela Ford,  Scottish Media Group, Ian Cullen

2000   2000 Acres Of Sky,  Sheena Carlyle,  Zenith Television, Robert Knights

2000   Taggart,  Doctor Scott,  Scottish Media Group, Michael Brayshaw

1990   Dreaming,  BBC,  Mike Alexander.


1987   As Time Goes,  Mrs Webster,  BBC,  David Blair


1987   Taggart,  Linda Blair,  Scottish Media Group,  Alan McMillan 





2012 9-5 BBC Scotland, Dominic Reynolds


2011   MacMillan's Marvellous Motion Machine,  Deef Agnes, TheDuchess, Old Mrs Mac,  BBC,  Rosie Kellagher


2011   The Gap,  Pippa,  BBC Radio 4,  David Ian Neville

2004   Lynton Bay,  Lady Helen Lockhart,  BBC Scotland,  David Ian Neville 


1996 -2000  Swan Song, Sunset Song, The Kelpie, Hopscotch, BBC Scotland, Patrick Raynor





Queen Margaret University,  BA Acting


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